Mean Girls Christmas Is So Fetch Shirt

I still don’t like this iteration of the turtles, and now seeing the trailer, a lot of my concerns have been realized. But I get it now after watching this. This isn’t necessarily made for Mean Girls Christmas Is So Fetch Shirt like myself. This is more directed to kids and new fans of the franchise. And I think it’s cool that they’re trying something different, even if I don’t like it. I won’t be watching this series, but it will be interesting to see where this goes.

Changes changes okay change but why changing the characters, their roles, their personalities. I mean you can change their look that’s fine but Mean Girls Christmas Is So Fetch Shirt introducing to kids a new what you are trying to do is to create a new universe for the future adults. I’m not sure if the original was sinking but I believe you ran out of ideas so why not create a new universe with new toys to be sold so you all can have the best of both world.

I find it interesting that they’re different and specific species of Mean Girls Christmas Is So Fetch Shirt and that they’ll have a different dynamic in the siblinghood. We’ll have to see how the stories, character development and humour play out with they endear themselves to fans hearts?

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